How Much Does Kundan Jewelry Cost?

Being one of the oldest Jewelry creations of India, Kundan Jewelry stands as one of India’s timeless creations. It is made up of pure gold and remains a priceless part of our culture. It flourished in India about 2500 years ago. Under the royal patronage of the Mughals and the Rajputs, Kundan Jewelry reached newer heights. Since the Mughals were great admirers of art and craft, the delicately crafted Kundan Jewelry fascinated them to the core, and thus, it became one of the most popular Jewelry styles of India, having a rich history, legacy, and cultural significance. 

What is Kundan Jewelry?

The word 'Kundan' means 'pure or refined gold'. So, it is evident by the name that this type of Jewelry usually involves the use of pure 24-carat gold to be crafted. Gold, lac, and other precious gemstones are utilized to craft it. 

The intricate detailing and designs sometimes even require months to be crafted. Also known as the 'Jadau technique', skilled traditional craftsmen use 3 steps to complete the making of this Jewelry that are:

  • Gadhayi
  • It involves creating the base of gold using 22-carat gold.

  • Khudayi
  • It involves engraving the outer surface with desired design patterns using lac. Meenakari is performed thereafter.

  • Jadayi
  • This is the final step in which a gold foil is used to put precious stones, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc., engraved on the Jewelry.

    Types of Kundan Jewelry

    The following are the major types of Kundan Jewelry:

  • Polki Kundan
  • Polki Kundan is one of the most beautiful Jewelry creations in India. Natural, uncut, unpolished, and unfaceted diamonds are used to craft Polki Jewelry. The diamonds are not at all treated with any chemicals.

  • Meena Kundan
  • Meena Kundan is a captivating Jewelry style involving the use of pure 24-carat gold foils, lac, and vibrant gemstones to create ornaments that are incredibly beautiful to the eyes.

  • Vilandi Kundan
  • Vilandi Kundan comes under Polki Kundan and often goes by the name of “Jewelry for the Royals." Its use of uncut and unpolished diamonds makes it exquisite and valuable for Jewelry lovers all across the world.

    Factors Influencing Kundan Jewelry Prices

    Here's a list of factors influencing the price of Kundan ornaments:

  • Quality of Kundan Stones
  • The quality of gemstones used in the making of Kundan Jewelry can greatly alter its prices. If high-end stones are utilized, the cost might go up.

  • Metal Used in Crafting
  • Kundan Jewelry is usually crafted in pure gold. However, some other metal variations can be implemented, which might take the price up or down.

  • Design Intricacy and Craftsmanship
  • Some Jewelry collections are designed more intricately than others, requiring more dedicated craftsmanship. Depending upon the intricacy of the design and efforts of the craftsmen, the price might be affected.

  • Brand Reputation and Authenticity
  • Purchasing Jewelry from a reputed and authenticated store or site might result in an increase in expense due to quality purposes.

     Price Range for Kundan Jewelry

    The price range for Kundan pieces is as follows:

  • Entry-Level Pieces
  • The starting prices of Kundan Jewelry start roughly from around Rs. 2000 and go up to Rs. 4000, depending upon the materials and designs used. Usually, Jewelry collections falling under this range are designed with simplicity.

  • Mid-Range Pieces
  • The mid-range prices for Kundan collections can vary from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7000. It requires much more dedicated craftsmanship with the usage of semi-precious gemstones.

  • High-End Pieces
  • Are you planning to buy high-end pieces? The price range for high-end Kundan ornaments starts from Rs. 7000 and goes up from there, depending upon the materials used. Such pieces of Jewelry are crafted with precious gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, etc., and require exquisite craftsmanship for the intricate detailing.

    Popular Kundan Jewelry Designs

    Here are some popular Kundan designs:

  • Bridal Sets
  • Kundan Bridal Sets are always in trend! The exquisitely designed ornaments, accompanied by the skilled craftsmanship of Indian artists, brilliantly hold up the legacy of the rich Indian culture, making it a stunning choice for weddings. The heavy necklaces paired with the traditional Kundan earrings and maangtika team up to make the bride look completely mesmerizing! 

  • Contemporary Adaptations
  • With time, there have been many interesting changes introduced in the Jewelry industry with the addition of contemporary styles, such as changes in Jewelry patterns, the implication of new gemstones, etc., with Kundan Jewelry being a major one. Various Western styles have been adapted to make the already gorgeous Kundan ornaments even more appealing!

  • Celebrities and Kundan Fashion
  • Kundan Jewelry has always acquired a significant position among Indian celebrities. Starting from famous Bollywood actresses to superior fashion icons, everyone has rocked their looks wearing statement Kundan Jewelry, be it exquisite earrings or sophisticated neckpieces. 


    Nevertheless, to say, Kundan Jewelry has acquired a significant position among Indian Jewelry. The century-old Kundan ornaments can now be personalized greatly and are available at affordable prices to allow everyone to indulge in its richness. Wearing Kundan Jewelry on any occasion can make you glow with grace and elegance, showered with rich cultural significance.

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